Monday, June 27, 2011

Crochet Apple Cozy

You knew this was in my future. Couldn't wait to use some of my cotton bits and bobs to make an apple cozy. Who doesn't throw an apple in their bags and take it out for lunch only to find nicks from keys and crochet hooks?

I used #4 weight yarn instead of DK as the pattern called for and a "G" hook. So I didn't need as many rows and kept an apple handy to judge my progress. This worked up so quickly! One thing I changed was instead of skipping a stitch to do the decreases, I crocheted two stitched together. The skipped stitches were too obvious with the larger gauge.

Funny how the simplest, quickest projects can make me so happy! What projects have you made lately that make you happy?


  1. What a practical fun item! My "happy" project right now is adding crochet edging to fishnet stockings to make sexy arm warmers. Quick and easy to work up and so pretty. :)

  2. I never thought about protecting an apple- I suppose it would make all the difference!

  3. Well, that explains it. I've seen apple cozies offered for sale on Etsy and wondered why you would need one. You're right, they don't travel well when tossed in with other items!
    Nice work. ~Annie

  4. I love apple cozies! These colours are great!


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