Friday, June 24, 2011

Crochet Finds Roundup

The house is quiet so it's time for a bit of blog hopping. It's so fun when I blog I read leads me to another and another and so on and so on. Here's where my hopping led me today:

Image courtesy of The Coral Reef Project.

Yarn Over Pull Through - video tutorial on invisible join using double crochet. This post was from 2008 so I clicked on the home page and wow! A hyperbolic crochet exhibit in Hawaii and one of Hypercycloid's crochet transverse coral pieces was included! I have admired hyperbolic crochet for a long time and demonstrating physics and crochet at the same time would be nirvana! It's definitely on my bucket list!

Image courtesy of Mollie Makes.

Molly Makes - This site is home of a UK publication of the same name. They just made a video to promote their latest issue and it was filmed at The Makery in Bath, UK. This shop is a dream! To have a place you can just drop in and work on your project with other crafty types, say during your lunch hour. Those crochet apple cozies are the bomb! So, I have a lot of catching up to do reading this blog/magazine!


  1. I am continually astounded by the Hyperbolic Crochet Project. How cool that so many have got together to make something so amazing with such a great message.

    I keep dithering about whether or not I want to make an apple cozy, but looking at that image reminds me that they're just so darn cute that I don't care if anyone says they're useless!

  2. I am adoring Mollie Makes, too!

  3. That crochet coral reef is stunning- wow!


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