Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crochet for the Winter Special Olympics

Special Olympians Wisconsin 2010, courtesy of

Have you heard about this project to crochet or knit scarves for Winter Special Olympians? The scarves are given to each of the athletes and there are over 30 states hosting events. Last year, over 26,000 scarves were donated.

2010 Special Olympics Scarf Project website

The scarves can be any pattern as long as the finished dimensions are 6 inches by 54-60 inches long. The image gallery offers lots of inspiration. I love this scarf created for the Northern California Special Olympics and the combination stitches and patterns.

Image courtesy of Scarf created by Esther Hsiao Tsai

We were shopping over the weekend and I found the Red Heart colors needed for the this year's scarves (red and navy)and started hooking! My plan is to get our local crochet group and church folks involved and see how many scarves we can get together for the Illinois athletes participating at the Galena, IL games.

Check out this page for the list of states and the deadlines.

I'll post progress photos soon!


  1. Curious - did you choose the regular Red Heart or the new soft kind that was offered for this year's choices?

  2. It is the Red Heart Super Saver but I'd like to try the Red Heart Soft for the next one.


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