Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hitchcock on the Hill

Forest Park is home to so many amazing museums and events all year round from Ice Skating at Steinberg Rink to star gazing at the Science Center, to watching the prairie dogs at St. Louis Zoo. Every Friday in July, the St. Louis Art Museum hosts Friday movies outdoors on a giant, inflated movie screen. We couldn't believe our good fortune to have 90 degree weather instead of 100 degree weather this night. Four days before, I attended my son's swim meet at at balmy 110 degrees at 7:00 pm.

The movie was Rear Window and I hadn't watched it since college. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. Swoon! I'm sure January Jones took a cue from Grace Kelly for her role on Mad Men. I found myself noticing the amazing clothes and the sets. There's nothing like a Hitchcock thriller, in my book. Perhaps we'll check on Vertigo and North by Northwest and Dial M for Murder on the old Netflix. Notice I didn't say Psycho. Shiver.

Are you a Hitchcock fan? What's your favorite Hitchcock film?


  1. Honestly, Hitchcock films have always scared me since I was a little girl. I've never actually made it through one, but I'm sure that if I grit my teeth and actually sat down and watched one, I'd enjoy it!

  2. Grace Kelly was so lovely!

  3. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, what a combination, great photos.


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