Monday, July 25, 2011

Finished Projects July 2011

The hook has been at work quite a bit lately so I need to stop and show you what I've been doing!

This is my first Winter Special Olympics scarf donation. I used half double crochet stitches and worked in the back stitch only at the color changes for a slight cable effect. The dimensions had to be 60" x 6" and I was happy with the way it turned out. The next one is going to be more of a sampler design or basket weave stitch - I can't decide. I'm using the foundation single crochet method for the first rows and it really makes a nice finished edge. Watch Alice Merlino, AKA Futuregirl show you how to do it!

I was also very flattered to receive a special request order from a reader in Australia for a cowl/scarf/hat pattern I showed on my blog last year. Christine of Golden Lily Crafts wrote: "Here in Australia it is blisteringly cold and as I walk my dogs daily this cowl would be perfect. I can start off with it wrapped around my head and as I warm up it can fold down to a scarf."

We exchanged emails sorting out color choices and shipping details and I was so happy to be able to ship it off! Word to the wise. When you buy postage online, double check the dimensions of the box you choose. I unknowingly chose a box that barely fit the cowl and hope it doesn't get too squished on it's journey across the pond. Thank you, Christine for being my first client! I hope the cowl gives you years of enjoyment!


  1. That cowl is gorgeous! What a lovely yarn choice!

  2. Hi Marti, I've not long returned from my walk wearing that beautiful cowl. It was cold and windy but I was warm and toasty, particularly my head. I've worn the cowl everyday since I received it.

  3. That cowl looks terrific!

  4. How exciting! I think your work turned out beautifully and am sure you will have many more clients in the future!

  5. This looks wonderful! New member to your site!

  6. Your cowl is gorgeous! Success with everything you will be doing!

  7. hi
    that cowl is a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have a wonderful day,
    regina from germany
    i like your blog


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