Friday, May 13, 2011

How do you choose crochet project colors?

My crochet Japanese flower motif is growing by leaps and bounds as I add two motifs a night. As I work with the colors of cotton yarn, there are just no bad color combinations. I've seen these amazing creations online and thought there was some magical formula for making it all turn out well. The only secret, that I can tell, is to buy colors you really love and get going. There are eight colors I'm using in this project that range from light pink, to dark purple to turquoise and tangerine. It does seem that there needs to be a balance between light, medium and dark hues but otherwise, it's all good! I try to mix up the color combinations and join the motifs together as I go so I don't have a project at the end of my project. (Hate that.) I've also been weaving in the ends with the next row so the color changes don't drive me crazy.

Making this motif shawl has turned on the light bulb for my gardening also. I've never just tried randomly mixing colors and types of plants in our planters. This spring, I just bought a bunch of flowers that were full-sun rated and mixed them in patterns I liked. It was so joyful to just plant and not try to control the outcome so much.

How do you choose colors for your projects? Do you use a certain color theory? Have you ever just gone with your gut reaction to choosing colors that "go together?"


  1. First - your crocheted flowers are nothing short of eye candy! Two a night you say? Wow!

    Since I am in the middle of a Saori weaving project right now i can answer your question! I mostly always go with my gut when choosing colors. I understand color theory but find that my gut is more reliable - when I am weaving. Quilting - disaster!

    My sweetie started making up hanging pots for the garden a few years ago and just adds what ever colors and shapes amuse him - so they wind up looking as beautiful as yours are! A riot of color!

  2. When making gifts, I think of the person and the colors they wear. For myself, whatever catches my fancy!

  3. Love that one craft inspired another like you've shared.

    I always go with my gut when choosing color combinations. Sometimes it works and sometimes I need to re-work it!

    I typically tend to work with a lot of blues, greys, black and white, though, and those always kind of go together.

  4. These are really lovely - and so beautifully made. Immaculate in fact. I just go with what feels right when it comes to colour and heed Kaffe Fasset's advice: "use your 'mistakes'."

    A good way to choose colours for a new project is to take a hank of random-dyed yarn that you just LOVE and try to match as many of the colours as possible in plain-dyed yarn.

  5. found your blog through making these flowers as well but haven't joined mine yet! I have added myself as a follower and I will be seeing how your flowers turn out..and you are right..there does not seem to be any bad combination!

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous crochet project. your flowers are lovely too!


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