Monday, March 14, 2011

Moral of the Story: Get the Right Yarn

Feeling a bit discouraged with my progress on the Tressa scarf. My yarn choice did not work well for the pattern. This silk bamboo blend yarn is too smooth to hold the loop joins the pattern calls for and it isn't thick enough. I can tighten the joins but as soon as I move the scarf around, they go slack. Plus, after reading the Ravelry forums on this pattern, I realized there were conflicting instructions on how far apart to set the loom. I used the larger 4" spacing and it seems those who used a 3" spacing had better results. So, I will frog the two strips I have already joined and try a single crochet join to see if that works better. I love the chevron pattern and hope I can find a solution to my woes!


  1. Always unfortunate when a great yarn isn't quite right for a project - except that it means that you have a great yarn left for another project! Hope you work it out.

  2. Oh I hate it when things like this happen! It's what makes a handmade object so beautiful though (the risk to fail and the skill involved in making it right). Currently I have a textile piece I finished and got all the way sewn into a handmade shadow box, and one little seep of glue has ruined the whole thing... I must redo! Keep crocheting on, Martha!

  3. Very pretty blacelet, I love the colors! Thank you for visiting my link party!


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