Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Moms Who Rock the Hook

All my life, I have been surrounded by handmakers. This post salutes all the moms in my family who have created with crochet but I could easily do five more posts showcasing these same amazing ladies and their quilting and knitting.

This Crochet barbie dress was made by my mother when I was seven or eight years old. When I told her I was working to reproduce great-grandma's venetian lace collar, she said I was crazy. But look at the tiny stitches in this dress! This dress was taken on and off many a Barbie in the last 40 years, including my daughter's dolls. It's stood the test of time and wear and tear. I love the bright yellow thread she used and the sassy strapless pattern.

My grandma crocheted these flower trivets for Christmas this year. They are double layered and very thick for protecting tables and counter tops. She has always loved bright colors and combines them in unusual and wonderful ways. Grandma Marge also makes socks, slippers and all matter of useful objects.

Filet crochet is my Aunt Marlene's specialty. It boggles my mind to look at these stitches and the intricate pattern of this piece, which spells our last name and measures over 36 inches long. I cherish this special Christmas gift and think of my aunt every day.

My mother-in-law made this crochet bear for my son when he was a toddler. I think this was way before the amigurami craze. She passed away almost a decade ago and I regret not asking her more about her crochet projects. She also crocheted a beautiful broomstick lace afghan for our first house and we still cuddle under it on the couch. Her crochet is a lasting legacy for us.

My step mom crocheted this fun, granny square afghan as a Christmas gift for my daughter. I love her color choices and the yarn she used has withstood many washings and dryings. It is usually laying on the back of our sofa all winter and it is so cheery on a dreary day.

So here's to all the Moms who rock the hook! You inspire me every day as I appreciated you lasting gifts of crochet.


  1. That is so neat to have so many women in your family sharing a craft. I am super jealous of that Barbie dress- my Barbie would have worn the heck out of that! I also love the neutral broomstick lace afghan- It would look beautiful in any decor! Thanks for sharing Marti!

  2. Great idea for a post and what great items!

  3. It is nice that all these women in your family and the ones who married in all share this common thread. (Sorry, I couldn't help the pun!) The broomstick lace is a very interesting stitch. And Barbie's dress is very cool. I'm with Erin on that one! ~Annie


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