Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lucille's Shop

Columbia 754 l by cemetarian
Columbia 754 l a photo by cemetarian on Flickr.

My mom worked at Lucille's yarn and fabric shop in Columbia in the early 1970s. After I told her about my newfound love for chunky, oversized crochet, she told me that the girls from Stephen's College would come in the shop to buy yarn. They were combining three or four strands to make super chunky afghans, ponchos and sweaters. So I guess there really is nothing new under the sun! If you were a Stephen's girl or remember Lucille's tell us your story!

This photo is from cemetarian's Flickr pool group called "Campus Fashions." Love it!


  1. How fun! Thanks for dropping my blog today to comment on cro-hooking. I hadn't come across your blog before but it's a great one and I'm definitely adding it to my feed reader! I look forward to hearing more about those vintage pattern drapes!

  2. My grandmother went to Stephen's! However, I think that was way before Lucille's yarn shop! I love the picture- those girls are totally hip- I can see those outfits looking great still today!

  3. I agree, Erin! This sweater style never seems to go out of style - the 80's don't count.

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