Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Bowl Crochet-In

The Super Bowl was only a week ago but it seems longer. Could I make a hat in the time in took me to watch the Super Bowl? And make appetizers? And watch the commercials? And help someone with their homework? YES I CAN! I had to wait a week to take after photos because my lovely model had a cold. So, here we are, crocheting to the Super Bowl.

And progess at half time:

This hat pattern is from Funky Chunky and the yarn is Vanna's Choice in Silver. The stripe and flower were from the stash. Of course the design was inspired by Elle Woods hat in Legally Blonde, my favorite Crochet in the Movies moment.

Who's up for a challenge next Super Bowl?


  1. What a fun challenge! I was in a super cold house so my fingers froze and I couldn't knit. It was terrible!

  2. That also makes it no fun to hold a cold adult beverage. ;) We should cover all cold surfaces with knitting or crochet.


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