Saturday, February 05, 2011

Jumbo Crochet - Trial and Error

This week I received my new 19mm "S" hook in the mail and couldn't wait to start working with it. So hubbie drove me to the store once the snow storm died down to get rope. But there was no cotton rope, only nylon. I bought 100 feet to try it out. So this is my 100 feet of nylon rope swatch. Nylon rope is too expensive, too heavy and too slippery for my purposes. I would need about 200 more feet to make the size wall hanging I want. It would also weigh a ton. And do I really need a $90 wall hanging?

Back to the drawing board. Or rather, to the internet! I ordered what I hope will be double super chunky to get this wall hanging project off the ground! I'll keep you posted.


  1. I am a confirmed knitter and absolutely can not seem to get the hang of crochet! But I am finding your posts inspiring. Loving your hats so much - maybe I can get Diane to make me one - when she has nothing better to do Ha!

    Seriously though - LOVE the hats. And am very glad to have found you!

  2. It's funny because knitting makes no sense to me. My sister knits, I crochet and our Mom can do it all. I've always wondered if my sister enjoyed knitting more because she is a pianist and was trained very early to use both hands together.

    Thanks for following me and encouraging me!


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