Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stitched Heart Valentine's Day Card Tutorial

When I saw all the tiny crochet heart projects out there, I was inspired to make a Stitched Heart Valentine's Day Card. These are the steps to make one.

Step One: Crochet a Heart

Check these links for patterns:
Planet June

I used Paton's Grace in Cardinal and an "F" hook.

Step Two: Prepare the Card.

Take a blank card (I get them in the statioinary aisle at Michaels and Hobby Lobby) and trace the heart on the front lightly with a pencil.

Cut out the heart shape with scissors or a craft knife.

Punch starter holes for your yarn about 1/2 inch apart all the way around the heart. I used an awl but if you have paper punches, use those.

Step Three: Attach the crochet heart to the card

Use a yarn needle to stitch from back to front, through the heart and then the holes in the card.

Weave in the ends.

Step Four: Personalize your card

You can say anything but I like the idea of "My heart ..." " yours."

Other message ideas:

Kind heart ... kind friend.
True heart ... true friend.
I love you because ... you keep me in stitches!

I used a thin point marker but if you don't like your handwriting, just run the card through the printer first or cut out words, art journal style.

There's no end to the possibilities!

Add your Stitched Heart Card project photos to the Flickr pool!

Happy Hearting!


  1. Diane and I sat together oooohing and aaaaahing this absolutely beautiful and very clever card. Oh and brilliant!

    Love it totally!

  2. What a perfect idea for them, love it! :)

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  5. Love it. Thanks for sharing

  6. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Thank youuuuuu! but I can't! :(((((


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