Friday, June 18, 2010

Why I Craft

I recently listened to Crafty Podcast #117 about the business of crafting. Megan Auman of Crafting an MBA speaks about the Etsy community and how there are two types of sellers, professional and amateur. By her definition and my own recent experiences, I am definitely an amateur. Not in a bad way. I don't really have the desire to make the same product over and over again. I don't depend on crafting as my main source of income. I craft to explore my own creativity. I craft because I learn things about myself in the process of making things with my own two hands. Like, I am better at starting new projects than finishing current projects. I craft because it is my contact with the material world, versus the virtual world. I craft because unless I take them apart, the things I make will stay made. Unlike laundry, dishes, taxes, etc. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I hold a finished piece in my hands.

Why do you craft?

WIP - Plastic canvas pendant. Need the reading glasses to see these stitches.


  1. I weave because I am overtaken by the desire to play with color and pattern. It is satisfying to make something useful. It is a talent that I have and can share with others who delight in owning something unique and handmade. I love yarn!

  2. Thank your for sharing! Your weaving is lovely! I love the colors and pattern in your Guitar strap woven on an Inkle loom.


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