Monday, November 12, 2007

Eugene Field House

The kids had the day off school so we headed to the Eugene Field House for a tour. The interior is completely restored and full of period furniture, toys and household items. An antique baby walker and china vaporizer were two of the unique things we saw and realized these are not modern-day inventions.

Our docent gave us a thorough tour complete with facts about the Field family and the Dred Scott case. There is also a toy museum on the third floor with a current exhibit featuring dolls from around the world. I couldn't stop looking at the handmade dolls on exhibit.

There is also an interactive room for the kids to see the difference between slave quarters and owner's quarters. They dressed up in clothes of the time and saw the difference in toys, bedding and nutrition. Quite an eye-opener for the kids to see the impact of slavery on everyday life.

The final stop was the gift shop filled with vintage reproduction toys, books and kits. The kids picked out a Jacob's ladder toy and build-your-own-ferris-wheel book. Should be great occupations on a cold winter's afternoon.

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