Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Whiplash Competition Entry

Jeans Clutch Purse

When I was my daughter's age, my mom made a bookbag from a pair of jeans. My daughter ripped a hole in the knees of her jeans and I decided to try making a purse. She saw the purse in process and asked, "Who's purse is that? Can it be mine since you're using my jeans?" She has more purses than I do! So I guess I'll need to make more. Luckily, she's outgrowing her jeans almost faster than I can buy them.

It was really fun to work with this material. I did have to use a heavy needle in my sewing maching to attach the liner to the outside. Many of the details are hand sewn.

Thanks, Whip Up for the great opportunity to show my work. This is to be entered in the Deconstruct/reconstruct category.

Check out all the entries on Whip Up's website .


  1. Cool! You're the first entry! That looks like a handy purse there, instant pockets :)

  2. Fantastic idea! I am inspired to make a small clutch out of my 1 yr old's jeans!! I'm not entering whiplash, wouldn't want anyone to think I was snagging the idea for my own entry. ;) Thanks for the inspiration. :)


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